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Обзор + Скачать PGSHARP 1.0.16 Free Beta Key is Out of Stock

Как установить:

  • Скачайте файл(кнопка внизу страницы)
  • Перенесите файл в папку
  • Откройте и запустите установку
  • Все нужные файлы и зависимости появятся в папке
  • После установки запускайте ещё раз и готово
  • Может потребоваться отключить антивирус, чтобы запустить!
  • В комменты пишите если что помогу

Смотреть видео обзор:


PGSHARP 1.0.16 Free Beta Key is Out of Stock

Just a few minutes after PGSharp officially announced the latest release of PGSharp 1.0.16 PGSharp beta key was immediately out of stocks.
This is due to the enthusiasm of PGSharp users. For those who have not been lucky, we can try a few more days because they will always share the free beta pgsharp key. So we must always monitor to get it

PGSHARP Coming soon ? get it from link below
download pgsharp apk: (PGSHARP 1.0.16)
How To Create a Pokemon Go Trainer Club account:
Times to say Good Bye to Pokemon GO on VMOS:
VMOS Fully Loaded 2.3:
FIX Google Play Store waiting for download:
How to update Pokemon GO on VMOS Fully Loaded:
How To Play Pokemon GO on Windows 10 PC:

More info about VMOS Fully Loaded:

– No Root required
– Embbeded Joystick (like iSpoofer or iPogo)

– Only work for PTC account (doesnt work with google account)
– It BETA version (limited user) you may get too many people using beta version key message

pgsharp please activate before sign in:
– close pogo
– re-run pogo

How to sign in via Google or FB account?
Sorry, currently it’s not able to sign in the game via your Google or FB account and it won’t be supported in the near future

Unable to sign in/Unsupported Operating System/The device, OS or software is not compatible error.
Same as above, the app is still under beta testing and we need to upgrade our server to support more users.

Why does the app say Too many devices activated and Failed to log in the game?
The app is still in beta testing and currently, only limited devices are allowed to participate in the beta testing. Once the app failed to authenticate itself, you’ll get Failed to log in or Unsupported device error.

We’ve been working on this issue and trying to upgrade our server to support more beta users as soon as possible

Music by ikson

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Если произошла ошибка:

  • Попробуйте запустить файл от администратора
  • Так же антивирус может блокировать запуск
  • Напишите комментарий и вам могут помочь

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